Saturday, July 30, 2011

Water Damage Chandler AZ

Water Damage Restoration Chandler AZ


Just finished up a really big water damage in Chandler! The customer was returning from a vacation and asked a neighbor to go in her house and turn on her A/C. When the neighbor entered she found a pipe had broken on the second floor and had flooded half the upstairs and all the downstairs. We received the call about 10 PM worked in to the early morning performing water extraction using our water removal tools.

That may look like glossy tile, but it is just about 2 inches of water flooded in her downstairs. The neighbors tried to use a shop vac and quickly realized they needed professional water extraction equipment.

Another great view of how much water need to be removed from their home.

Some of the drywall damage from the flooded upstairs bathroom.

It is never a good thing when part of the upstairs is sitting on the downstairs tile. Good thing they called the Carpet Medic to take care of the problem.

Well after pulling off baseboards, peeling paint, extracting all the water, and cleaning up quite a bit of water damage the homeowner is finally able to get somewhat back to life and get some work done!

On a side note the owner of the home is a photographer and her work was really great. I was extremely impressed with her creativity and vision. Her company is Artisan Photography and she is great for Weddings, Babies or Family pictures. It was a pleasure working with you Andrea!


Monday, December 13, 2010

She is here and FINALLY has a name!

Hailey Hope Jones


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ryan Has Something To Say!

There you have it. Not to be outdone by my little brother or my older sister, we are joining the ranks of 5! Holy Cow 5! I think we have discovered what causes this and should be able to remedy it for the future. By the way pray for this child, Ryan is a big brother!!!!!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Sydney's New Look

Sydney came out one day and said I want short hair. If you know Syd she loved her long hair, so I thought it would be a passing fancy, but I came home one day and found this!

It was quite a change, but I love it and she is as beautiful as ever.

Alright! I think I kind of hate this blog stuff!!

Yep it's official...... I hate it! I am not creative enough to make it look good and I really don't have the time or inclination to learn. The only redeeming factor is I have BEAUTIFUL kids and they are so fun to post about....


We told Ryan to go get in the bath with his brother. THIS was his version of what to do!

Daniel being all smiles and all boy.

Sydney's first day in 1st grade.

Kendly's first day at the ACADEMY.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Be Brave, Go Bald!

LaRae is getting a procedure which requires her to shave her head, so we had a family party and shaved a lot of hair! Here is a picture of all the people who were going to get their hair cut.
Me and the boys with grandma before the party.

A message from the little girls before we started. Pretty easy for them to say because they did not have to do anything!

Each of the kids had a turn at cutting grandmas hair.
Putting on the finishing touches.
Daniel was such a trooper and was excited to get it done. It was a shame to get rid of all that white hair.
Daniel loved it and screamed "Look, just like Dad!"
Ryan was less excited, more because of the noise than anything else. I think the sensation of having his first real hair cut was kind of weird.

But man this kid pulls it off! Great round head and beautiful blue eyes!
Showin support for Grandma. Hair or no hair we still look good!

After twisting some arms and guilting others, every boy there ended up getting some sort of buzz cut. Just so you know the Jones boys had no fear....(easy for me!)

Here is the pile of hair that was shorn. Good times!


Monday, March 9, 2009

Lets Play A Game!

This is a game we play almost daily.............. Come join the fun!

Not here, but he has been here. (notice the bottle teaser)

Not here either, but always a favorite to look!

Nope try again!

Getting warmer!!!

Must have needed a snack. Tearing apart a home really can work up an appetite!!

Running out of options! Just teasing with that bottle clue again.

Here he is!! Man this kid is cute! Destructive, but CUTE!